Oil painting reproduction, hand painted oil on canvas art reproductions.


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Artist A -Z Listing


Alexej von Jawlensky
Evening 1929
Lady with Fan
The Oy valley
Village and Mountains 1910
Composition 2 Winter
Looking Within Rosy Light
Tete de Femme Meduse
The Blue Vase
Caryatid 1913
Girl with Peonies

Amedeo Modigliani
Head of Young Woman 1915
Woman with Earrings 1917
Seated Nude 1916
Jeanne in Straw Hat 1917
Yellow Sweater 1919
Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne
Girl In Pink

August Macke
Sitting Nude 1911
Circus Picture II 1911
Coloured Forms II 1913
Hat Shop 1913
Girls Under Trees 1914
Visiting the Parrots 1914
The Storm 1911
Tegernsee Landscape 1910
Turkish Cafe I 1914
Vegetable Fields 1911
Woman in Park 1914
Indians on Horseback

Childe Hassam
Village Scene 1883
A City Fairyland 1886
In the Park 1889
Heavenly Blue 1931
Jelly Fish 1912
Coast Scene Isles of Shoals 1901
French Peasant Girl 1883
The Old Fairbanks House Dedham Massachusetts 1884
A Back Road 1884
Rainy Day Columbus Avenue Boston 1885
Boston Common at Twilight 1885
Une Averse rue Bonaparte 1887
Grand Prix Day 1887
Along the Seine Winter 1887
Promenade at Sunset Paris 1888
Mrs Hassam and Her Sister 1889
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris 1888
After Breakfast 1887
Clearing Sunset Corner of Berkeley Street and Columbus Avenue 1890
Charles River and Beacon Hill 1892
Fifth Avenue in Winter 1890
Lower Fifth Avenue 1890
The Manhattan Club the Stewart Mansion 1891
Cab Stand at Night Madison Square 1891
Winter Midnight 1894
Central Park 1892
Union Square in Spring 1896
Spring in Central Park Springtime 1898
The Room of Flowers 1894
The Sonata 1893
In the Garden Celia Thaxter in Her Garden 1892
Poppies Isles of Shoals 1891
Bathing Pool Appledore 1907
Surf Isles of Shoals 1913
Duck Island from Appledore 1911
Sylphs Rock Appledore 1907
The South Ledges Appledore 1913
The Isles of Shoals 1912
The West Wind Isles of Shoals 1904
Sunset at Sea 1911
Oyster Sloop Cos Cob 1902
Bowl of Goldfish 1912
In the Old House 1914
Morning Light 1914
Apple Trees in Bloom Old Lyme 1904
The Victorian Chair 1906
Twenty Sixth of June Old Lyme 1912
Church at Old Lyme 1903
Church at Old Lyme 1905
Church at Old Lyme 1906
Gloucester Harbor 1899
Gloucester Harbor 1 1899
Gloucester 1899
The Church at Gloucester 1918
Cat Boats Newport 1901
Horticulture Building Worlds Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893
The Spainish Stairs Rome 1897
Parc Monceau 1897
Pont Aven Noon Day 1897
In Brittay 1897
July Fourteenth Rue Daunou 1910
Street of the Great Captain Cordoba 1910
Square at Sevilla 1910
Cathedral at Ronda 1910
Point Lobos Carmel 1914
Late Afternoon New York Winter 1900
Broadway and 42nd Street 1902
The Hovel and the Skyscraper 1904
Little Cobblers Shop 1912
The Table Garden 1910
The New York Window
Flags on Fifty Seventh Street The Winter of 1918
Allies Day 1917
Victory Day may 1919
Red Cross Drive May 1918
Fifth Avenue 1919
Old House and Garden East Hampton 1898
July Night 1898
The Water Garden 1909
Lilies 1910
Little Old Cottage Egypt Lane East Hampton 1917
Roses in a Vase 1890
Giant Magnolias
Winter Sickle Pears 1918
East Hampton LI Old Mumford House 1919
Tanagra The Builders New York
Mrs Hassams Garden at East Hampton 1934
Woman Cutting Roses in a Garden 1888
Gathering Flowers in a French Garden 1888
June 1905
View of Broadway and Fifth Avenue 1890
Spring Morning in the Heart of the City 1890
Peach Blossoms Villers le Bel 1887
A Country Road
A Familiar Tune
A Fishermans Cottage
Afternoon Sky Harney Desert 1908
A New Years Nocturne New York
An Outdoor Portrait of Miss Weir 1909
A Parade of Boats
A Rainy Day New York
A Spring Morning
A Street in Denia Spain
At the Grand Prix in Paris
At The Piano
Beach at Newport 1891
Boy with Flower Pots 1888
Bricklayers c1900
Bridge at Old Lyme
California 1919
Canal Scene 1883
Celia Thaxter Garden 1890
Church Procession Spanish Steps c1883
Clarissa 1912
Columbian Exposition Chicaga
Columbus Avenue Rainy Day 1885 A
Columbus Avenue Rainy Day c1885 B
Easter Morning Portrait at a New York Window 1921
East Hampton
End of the Trolley Line Oak Park Illinois 1893
Flower Girl By The Seine Paris 1889
Flower Girl
French Tea Garden 1910
Gateway at Canterbury
Houses of Parliament Early Evening 1898
The Quai St Michel 1888
Isles of Shoals A
Isles of Shoals B 1912
Isles of Shoals Broad Cove 1911
La Bouquetiere and La Latiere 1888
Late Afternoon Sunset 1903
Le Louvre Et Le Pont Royal
Le Val de Grace Spring Morning 1888
Marlborough Street Boston
Material and Dimensions 1889
Mount Hood
Mount Vernon Street Boston 1890
New England Headlands 1889
News Depot at Cos Cob
New York Street
Paris Street Scene 1887
Pont Royal Paris
Poppies Isles of Shoals
Provincetown 1900
Provincetown Grocery Store 1900
Quincy Massachusetts 1892
Reading 1888
Riggers Shop at Provincetown Mass
Seaweed and Surf Appledore
Snowstorm Madison Square c1890
Spring Navesink Highlands 1908
Spring The Dogwood Tree
St Marks in The Bowery
Street in Portsmouth
Street Scene with Hansom Cab 1887
Summer Evening
Summer Sunlight
Sunday Morning Appledore 1912
Surf and Rocks 1906
The Alhambra Aka Summer Palace of the Caliphs Granada Spain c1883
The Barnyard 1885
The Fireplace 1912
The Goldfish Window
The Green Gown 1920
The Jewel Box Old Lyme 1906
The Public Garden Boston Common c1885
The Silver Veil and The Golden Gate
Twilight Twilight in Paris c1888
View of Florence from San Miniato
Wayside Inn Sudbury Massachusetts
White Barn 1882
White Dory Gloucester
Winter In Union Square c1892
Country Fair New England

Claude Monet
Garden Path at Giverny
Houses of Parliament Setting Sun 1900
Pond at Montgeron 1876
Gare Saint Lazare 1876
Arguenteuil the Bank in Flower 1877
Morning Landscape
Boats in Winter Quarters Etretat 1885
Summer Fields of Poppies 1875
Etretat Rough Seas 1883
The Pyramids at Port Coton 1886
The Tuileries 1876
The Rocks at Pourville Low Tide 1882
The Palazzo Contarini 1908
Water Lilies Water Landscape 1904
The Small Arm of the Sine at Argenteuil 1875
Interior of the Gare Saint Lazare 1877
Vineyards in the Snow 1873
The Path Through the Vineyards 1872
Spring at Giverny
The Church at Vetheuil 1878
Garden of the Princess 1867
Street in Sainte Adresse 1867
The Pont de LEurope 1877
Boats on the Beach at Pourville 1882
Camille and Jean on a Hill 1875
Woman with a Parasol 1886
The Customs Post at Varengeville 1882
Still Life with Pears and Grapes 1880
Customs House at Varengevill 1897
Valley of the Creuse 1889
Valley of the Petite Creuse 1889
Camille Reading 1872
Lavacourt under Snow 1881
Spring 1882
The Church of Varengeville Cloudy Weather 1882
The Bridge at Argenteuil 1874
The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil 1873
Bordinghera 1884
Pleasure Boats at Argenteuil 1875
Waterlily Pond Evening 1916
Boating on the Epte 1887
View of Juan les Pins 1888
Snow at Argenteuil 1874
Entrance to the Village of Vetheuil in Winter 1879
Landscape Weeping Willows 1918
Water Lilies Water Landscape 1905
Rouen Cathedral Sunset Effect 1892
Poplars Wind Effect 1891
View Near Rouelles environs of Le Havre 1985
Studio Corner Paris 1861
Hunting Trophy 1862
Farm in Normandy 1863
Still Life Priece of Beef 1864
Cape of La Heve 1864
View of the Coast at Sainte Adresse 1864
Lighthouse at the Hospice at Honfleur 1864
The Road from Chailly 1865
Le Dejeuner sur Iherbe 1865
Dejeuner sur Iherbe 1865
Bazille and Camille 1865
The Green Wave 1865
Church of Saint Germain I Auxerrois 1867
Quai du Louvre 1866
Camille with a Small Dog 1866
Garden in Bloom at Sainte Adresse 1866
The Cart Snow Covered Road at Honfleur 1867
The Cradle Camille with the Artists Son Jean 1867
The River 1868
The Sea at Le Havre 1868
Portrait of Mme Gaudibert 1868
Fishing Boat at Sea 1868
Cliffs at Etretat 1868
Rough Sea at Etretat 1868
Bathers at La Grenouillere Bougival Summer 1869
Hotel des Roches Noires 1879
Train in the Country 1870
Road to Louveciennes Melting Snow Sunset 1870
Boats in the Port of London 1871
Houses on the Zaan River 1871
The Voorzaan at Zaandam 1871
Windmille at Haalderabroek 1871
The Robec Stream Rouen 1872
Mme Monet with a Friend in the Garden 1872
Boulevaed des Capucines Paris February 1873
The Harbour Le Havre 1873
Spring Environs of Argenteuil 1874
The Barks Regatta at Argenteuil 1874
Marine View Sunset 1874
Windmill at Amsterdam 1874
The Drawbridge at Amsterdam 1874
The Tuileries Study 1875
The Tuileries B
Monets House at Argenteuil 1876
The Gare Saint Lazare 1876
The Pont de IEurope 1876
Gare Saint Lazare Arrival of a Train 1877
The Banks of the Seine 1878
The Banks of the Seine 1879
Vetheuil in the Fog 1879
Break up of the Ice 1880
Hoarfrost near Vetheuil 1880
Ice Thawing on the Seine 1880
Ice Floes 1880
Snow Covered Landscape Dusk 1880
Woman Seated under the Willows 1880
Cliff at Varengeville 1882
Etretat Rough Sea 1883
Etretat 1883
Valley of Sasso Bordighera 1884
Lemon Trees at Bordighera 1884
The Castle at Dolce Acqua 1884
Cliffs at Etretat 1886
Woman with a Parasol Turned wowards the Right 1886
The Manneporte Etretat 1886
Storm Coast of Belle Ile 1886
Port Domois Bella Ile 1886
Rocks at Belle Ile 1886
Poly Fisherman at Kervillaouen 1886
The Boat at Giverny 1887
The Blue Boat 1887
Anibes Seen from La Salis 1888
The Sea near Antibes 1888
Juan Ies Pins 1888
Valley of the Creuse Afternoon Effect 1889
The Petite Creuse 1889
The Petite Creuse Sunlight 1889
Study of Rocks Creuse 1889
Hay Stacks Morning Effect 1889
Hay Stacks End of Summer 1890
Hay Stacks End of Day Autumn 1890
Hay Stacks Sunset Snow Effect 1890
Hay Stacks Winter 1890
Hay Stacks 1890
Hay Stacks Thaw Sunset 1890
Hay Stacks Sunset 1890
Poplars 1891
Poplars Banks of the Epte 1891
Poplars View from the Marsh 1891
Rouen Cathedral Facade and Tower Morning Effect 1892
Rouen Cathedral Facade 1892
Rouen Cathedral Facade Grey Day 1892
Rouen Cathedral Facade and Tower Morning Effect 1892
Rouen Cathedral the Portal Seen Head on Harmony in Brown 1892
Ice Floes Bennecourt 1893 A
Ice Floes Bennecourt 1893 B
Ice Floes Morning Haze 1893
Mount Kolsaas Norway 1895 I
Mount Kolsaas Norway 1895 II
Mount Kolsaas Norway 1895 III
Cliffs at Ppurville Rain 1896
Cliffs at Pourville Morning 1896 A
Cliffs at Pourville Morning 1896 B
Gorge of the Petit Ailly Vareng 1896
Morning on the Seine 1896
Morning on the Seine 1898
Waterloo Bridge Cloudy Day 1899
Waterloo Bridge London Winter 1899
Waterloo Bridge London Sunlight Effect 1903
The Water Lily Pond Japanese Bridge 1900
Parliament Sunlight Effect in the Fog 1904
The Water Lily Pond Giverny 1904
Water Lilies Giverny 1905
The Grand Canal and the Salute Church 1908
San Giorgio Maggiore Venice 1908
Palazzo da Mula Venice 1908
Water Lilies 1915
The Path Through the Irises 1916
Agapanthus 1916
Giverny Paris 1914 A
Giverny Paris 1914 B
Self Portrait 1917
Weeping Willow 1918 B
Argenteuil Under the Snow 1875
Beach at Honfleur 1864
Boats in the Port of London 1871
Cap Dantibes Mistral 1888
Cap Martin Near Menton 1884
Fishermans Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville 1882
La Grenouillere
Old Fort at Antibes 1888
On the Beach at Trouville
Path in the Rose Garden at Giverny 1920
Road at La Cavee Pourville 1882
Rue de La Bavolle Honfleur 1864
Seacoast at Trouville 1881
Ships in a Harbor c1873
The Artists Garden at Vetheuil 1881
The Entrance to the Port of Honfleur 1868
The Manneporte near Etretat 1886
The Promenade at Argenteuil 1872
The Thames at Westminster 1871
The Voorzaan at Zaandam 1871
Vase of Flowers 1881
View of the Sea at Sunset 1862
Women in the Garden
Green Reflection I
Green Reflection II
Green Reflection III
Villas at Bordighera 1884
Waterlilies 1916
Lilacs Overcast Weather 1872
Houses by the Edge of the Fields 1873
The Monet Family in Their Garden at Argenteuil Spring 1875
Green Reflection c1916
Boulevard Saint Denis Argenteuil in Winter 1875
Etretat the Beach and Eastern Rock Arch 1885
Impression Sunrise Le Havre 1872
Wheat Field 1881
Rough Sea 1881
Cliffs at Dieppe 1882
The Needle Rock and the Porte dAval 1885
The Flowering Arches 1913
La Japonaise 1875
Parisians Enjoying the Pore Moncean 1878
Oat Fields Giverny 1890
Spring 1886
Exterior View Back to the Gare Saint Lazare 1877
The Signal
Exterior of the Gare Saint Lazare 1877
The Pont de Rome Gare Saint Lazare 1877
The Church at Vernon
Haystack in Field
The Bridge at Bougival 1870
Houses of Parliament London c1900
Wisteria c1919
The Church at Varengeville 1882
Gladioli c1876
A Corner of the Garden with Dahlias 1872
Jean on His Mechanical Horse 1872
The Highway Bridge Under Repair 1872
Mme Monet ina Red Cape Argenteuil 1873
The Jetty at Le Havre 1868
The Irises c1915
Irises c1915
The Roses c1915
Water Lilies c1915 81
The House from the Garden c1922
Rue Montorguell Paris Festival of June 30 1878
Poppy Field near Vetheuil 1879
Breakup of the Ice near Vetheuil 1880
Sunflowers 1880
Jerusalem Artichokes 1880
Still Life with Pheasants and Plovers c1880
The Corner of the Garden at Montgeron c1876
The Luncheron 1868
Camille Woman in a Green Dress 1866
Terrace at Sainte Adresse 1867
Portrait of J F Jacquemart with Parasol 1865
The Turkeys 1876
Monets House at Argenteuil 1873
Still Life with Melon 1872
Regatta at Argenteuil 1872
Basket of Grapes Quinces and Pears 1883
Camille on Her Deathbed 1879
Rue Montorgueil Decked Out with Flags Paris 30 June 1878
The Artists Garden at Vetheuil 1881 B
Water Lilies 1906 A
Waterloo Bridge Sun in the Fog London Winter c1903
The Cloud
Waterlilies 1904
Water Lilies c1905
Water Lilies 1907
Water Lilies 1906 B
Water Lilies c1915 B
Water Lilies 1915 C
Water Lilies c1917
Flowers by the Pond c1915
Waterlilies 1919

Diego Rivera

Edvard Munch
Four Girls on a Bridge
Girls on the Jetty
Sketch of the model
The Kiss
Vampire 1895
The Scream
Summer Night Inger on the Shore 1889
Moonlight over Oslo Fjord 1891
Girl combing her hair 1892
Paris Nude 1896
Nude 1896
The Day After 1894-95
Melancholy 1894-95
The Scream 1893
Two Girls from the Reinhardt Frieze 1906
Self Portrait Between Clock and Bed 1940
Street in Asgardstrand 1902
The Village Street 1905-08
Girl Yawning 1913
Four Girls at Asgardstrand 1902
Woman on the Verandah 1924
Snow Falling in the Lane 1906
The Murderer in the Lane 1919
Winter Kragero 1912
The Wave 1921
Self Portrait in Distress 1919
The Sun 1909/11
The Storm
Starry Night

Edward Hopper
Rail Road Sunset 1929
Automat 1927
Gas 1940
Morning in a City 1944
Hotel Room 1931
Morning Sun 1952
Night Hawks 1942
Office at Night 1940
People in the Sun 1960
Western Motel 1957
Chop Suey 1929
Woman in Sun 1961
Coast Guard Station 1927
New York Movie 1939
Light House Hill 1927
Early Sunday Morning 1930
Apartment Houses 1923
Sailing 1911
Room in Brooklyn 1932
The Barber Shop 1931
Drug Store 1927
Rooms by the Sea 1951
Sunlight on Brownstones 1956
The City 1927
Compartment C Car 1938
French Six Day Bicycle Racer
Dawn Before Gettysburg 1934
The New York Restaurant 1922
Lee Shore 1941
Corn Hill Truro Cape Cod 1930
Approaching the City
Office in Small City 1953
7 00 AM
The Evening Wind 1921 Sketch on Paper
Tables for Ladies 1930
Cape Cod Morning
The Long Leg 1935
Cape Cod Evening
Street Scene Gloucester
Blackwell's Island 1911
Queensborough Bridge 1913

Egon Schiele
Embrace 1915
Mother and Two Children 1917
Dead Mother 1910
Self-Portrait as St Sebastian 1914
Fighter 1913
Seated Woman 1917
Portrait of Johann Harms 1916

Fernand Leger
Three Sisters
Three Women Le Grand Dejeuner 1921
Big Julie 1945
The Campers 1954
Composition with Three Figures 1932
The Disks 1918
Blue Guitar and Vase 1926
The Great Parade with Red Background 1953
The Mechanic 1920
Mechanical Elements 1924
The Country Outing 1954
Propellers 1918
Nudes in the Forest 1909 10
Fruit Dish on a Table 1909
Three Figures Study for Three Portraits 1910-11
The Wedding 1910-11
The Smokers 1911
Railroad Crossing 1912
Woman in Blue 1912
House Under the Trees 1914
The Staircase 1913
The Staircase 1914
Contrast of Forms 1913
The Insignia Wrecked Airplane 1916
The Alarm Clock 1914
Woman in Red and Green 1914
The Fourteenth of July 1914
Soldier with a Pipe 1916
The Cardplayers 1917
The Pink Barge 1918
The Circus 1918
Propellers 1918
The Disks 1918
The Bridge 1920
Man with a Pipe 1920
Mother and Child 1922
Animated Landscape 1924
Mechanical Elements 1924
Three Women 1921
Woman's Dress 1923
The Monkey 1923
Prehistoric Being 1923
The Beetle 1923
Still Life 1927
Blue Guitar and Vase 1926
The Accordion 1926
The Baluster 1925
BallBearing 1926
Composition with Three Figures 1932
Three Musicians 1930
Mona Lisa with Keys 1930
The Dance 1929
Composition with Umbrella 1932
Contrast of Objects 1930
Composition with Two Parrots 1935-39
Polychrome Flower 1936
Adam and Eve 1935-39
Adieu New York 1946
The Dance 1942
The Drivers II 1941-42
Big Julie 1945
Gray Acrobats 1942-44
The Tree in the Ladder 1943-44
The Acrobat and His Partner 1948
Homage to Louis David Les Loisirs 1948-49
The Constructors 1950
Three Sisters 1952
The Great Parade with a Red Blackground 1953
The Campers 1954
The Country Outing 1 1954
The Country Outing 2 1954
Epoque Mecanique
Le Siphon 1924
Circular Composition 1928

Franz Marc
Picture with Cows
Blue Horse
Blue Horse 1912
Cat on a yellow Pillow
Deer in the Wild
Little Yellow Horses
Foxes 1913
Deer in the Woods II
Two Cats 1912
Cats on a Red Cloth 1909
Dog Lying in the Snow
Fighting Forms 1914
Horse in the Country
The Small Yellow Horse 1912
The Yellow Cow
Fete of the Animals
Deer in a Flower Garden
Ponies in the Wild

Frida Kahlo
The Two Fridas 1939
Two Nudes in the Wood 1939
Self Portrait 1948
Self-Portrait with Monkey 1938
The Dream 1940
Self Portrait The Frame 1938
Borderline between Mexico and USA
Self Portrait 1930
Henry Ford Hospital 1932
Frida and Diego Rivera 1931
My Nurse and I 1937
Portrait of Eva Frederick
Self Portrait with Itzcuinti Dog 1938
What I saw in the Water 1938
Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress 1926
Living Nature 1952
Self Portrait with Deigo on the Breast 1953
Love Embrace of the Universe 1949
Still Life with Flag 1952
Self Portrait with Hair Loose 1947
Self Portrait Dedicated to Dr Eloesser 1940
Flower of Life 1943
Self Portrait with Monkeys 1943
The Wounded Deer 1946
Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns 1940
The Broken Column 1944
Self Portrait as a Tehuana
Me and My Parrots 1941
Self Portrait with Braid 1941
The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened
Me and My Doll Self Portrait 1940
Self Portrait Cropped Hair 1940
Self Portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky
Viva la Vida
Frida Kahlo Roots 1943
Memory 1937
My Dress Hangs Here
Tree of Hope
My Birth
Self Portrait Cropped Hair 1940
Girl With Death Mask
On the Bus
The Mask 1945
The Wounded Table 1940

Georges Braque
The day 1929
The Small Scout 1913
Birds 1962
Still Life The Table
The Sausage
Violin and Palette autumn 1909
Piano and Mandola Winter
The Blind
The Little Bay La Ciotat 1907
Seated Nude 1907
House at LEstague 1908
Castle at La Roche Guyon 1909
Pedestal Table 1911
The Table 1928
Still Life Le Jour 1929
Still Life with Fruit Dish Bottle and Mandolin 1930
The Studio 1939
The Red Pedestal Table 1939-52
The Round Table 1929
Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantlepiece 1882
House at L'Estaque 1908
2 Paintings Purchased together
Still Life with Musical Instruments 1918
Fruit Dish and Ace of Clubs 1913
Landscape at Citotat 1907
Sunflowers 1943

Georgia O'Keeffe
Cows Skull with Calico Roses 1931
Jimson Weed 1936
Black Cross New Mexico 1929
Dark Abstraction
Pelvis With the Distance 1943
Pink Shell with Seaweed c1937
Yellow Cactus 1940
Large Dark Red Leaves on White 1925
The Grey Hills 1942
My Shanty 1922
Pool in the Woods 1922
The Black Place 1943
From the Lake 1924
New York Night 1928-29
Oak Leaves Pink and Grey 1929
Grey Line With Black Blue and Yellow c 1923
Red Canna 1920
Blue and Green Music 1919
Birch Trees at Dawn on Lake George 1926
Red Canna 1923
Pelvis With Moon 1943
Pattern of Leaves 1924
Black Iris
Cliffs Beyond Abiquia Dry Waterfall 1943
Evening Star
Sky Above White Clouds I 1962
Waterfall 1939
Ladder to the Moon 1958
The Lawrence Tree 1929
Two Cala Lilies on Pink
Cala Lily on Grey
City Night 1926
Summer Days 1936
Single Jimson Weed
Bleeding Heart 1932
Machu Pichy (Peruvian Landscape)
Ram's Skull with Brown Leaves
Music Pink and Blue II
Orange and Red Streak 1919
Dead Rabbit and Copperpot
Sky Above Clouds IV 1965
Blue and Green Music 1919
Cow's Skull Red White & Blue 1931
Radiator Building Night New York 1927
New York with Moon 1925
The Sheldon with Sunspots 1926
Red and Yellow Cliffs 1940
Black and Purple Petunias
Grey Cross with Blue
Abstraction IX
Goat's Horn with Red
White Flower with Red Earth
Sunflower New Mexico
Blue B
Barn with Snow 1934
Red Orange Streak 1919
Red Hills with Sun
Untitled Flower 1923
Calla Lily in Tall Glass No 11 on Red
Single Calla Lily Red
Street New York No 1Sky Shape 1926
Street New York No 1Sky Shape 1926
Blue and Green Music 1919
Patio Door Green Red 1951
Pink and Yellow Hollyhocks 1952
Pedernal from the Ranch I 1956
It was Yellow and Pink II 1959
Blue A 1959
Blue B 1959
It was Red and Pink 1959
Blue Black and Grey 1960
Sky Above the Flat White Cloud II 1960
Mountains and Lake 1961
Above the Clouds I Sky above Clouds 1962
Canyon Country White and Brown Cliffs 1965
Black Rock with Blue Sky and White Clouds 1972
The Beyond 1972
Black Rock on Red 1971
Untitled From a Day with Juan III 1976
Pink Moon and Blue Lines 1923
Red Lines 1923
Corn Dark 1924
From the Old Garden No 2 1924
Petunia No 2 1924
Petunia and Coleus 1924
New York Street with Moon 1925
White Birch 1925
Birch Trees 1925
White Sweet Peas 1926
Blue Wave Maine 1926
Black Petunia and White Morning Glory II 1926
White Flower 1926
The Red Maple at Lake George 1926
Abtraction Blue 1927
Black Abstraction 1927
Radiator Bldg Night New York 1927
Red Cannas 1927
Red Barn 1928
River New York 1928
Grey Blue and Black Pink Circle 1929
Pink Abstraction 1929
Last Yellow White Birch 1928
Pink Dish and Green Leaves 1929
D H Lawrence Pine Tree 1929
Black Maple Trunk Yellow Leaves 1929
Black White and Blue 1930
Inside Clam Shell 1930
Apple Blossoms 1 1930
Apple Blossoms 2 1930
Jack in the Pulpit No IV 1930
Jack in Pulpit Abstraction No 5 1930
Black Mesa Landscape New Mexico Out Back of Marie s II 1930
Red Hills Beyond Abiquiu 1930
Horses Skull with Pink Rose 1931
Shell on Red 1931
The Mountain New Mexico 1931
Blue Morning Glories New Mexico 1935
Blue Morning Glories 1935
Untitled Pink Camellia 1935
Red Camellia 1935
Sunflower New Mexico I 1935
Yellow Cactus 1935
Black Place Green 1949
Dark Tree Trunks 1946
Yellow Cottonwoods 1946
Jimson Weed 3 1931
White Calico Flower 1931
Wave Night 1928
Music Pink and Blue II 1918
Sky Above Clouds III
Blue Sand 1957
2 paintings at special prices
Pedernal c1941

Gustav Klimt
Danae 1907
The Girl Friends 1907
Three Ages of Woman
Life and Death 1916
The Virgin 1913
Farm Garden With Crucifix
Judith 1 1901
Church in Uterach 1916
Adele Bloche Bauer Portrait
Beethoven Frieze 1902
Unterach on the Attersee
The Church in Cassone
Farm Garden With Sunflowers
Flower Garden 1905
Garden Path with Chickens
House in Uterach on the Attersee 1916
Schloss Kammer on the Attersee 1908
Schloss Kammer on the Attersee 3 1910
The Kiss 1907
Water Serpent 1
Water Serpents II
Goldfish 1901/02
Hymn to Joy Detail 2 1902
Tree of Life 1905-09
Hostile Forces Detail 1902
Yearning for Happiness Detail 1902
Portrait of Sonja Knips 1898
Sunflower 1906
MUSIC 1 1895
Mother and Child
Pallas Athene 1898
Hygeia c1907
Lady with Fan c1917
Kiss of the Whole World
The Park 1910
L Albero Della Vita (3 canvases)
Apple Tree
2 Klimt Paintings at special price
Schloss Kammer on the Attersee IV
Rosiers Sous les Arbres 1905
The Family

Henri Toulouse Lautrec
El Dorado
La Toilette
Le Divan Japonais
Moulin Rouge La Goulue
Aristide Bruant
La charette anglaise
La Clownesse

Jackson Pollock
Male and Female 1942
The Moon-Woman 1942
Blue Moby Dick 1943
The Key 1946
Easter and the Totem 1953
No 8 1949
Silver Over Black
No 33 1949
Ohne Titel
Composition mit blau
Arc-en-ciels gris
Lavender Mist
No 28 1951
Ocean Greyness 1954
Ocean Greyness 1954
Ocean Greyness 1954
Teacup 1946
Guardians of the Secret
Autumn Rhythm Number 30 1950
Birth c1938-41
Untitled 1944
Stenographic Figure. 1942
The Moon Woman 1942
The Moon Woman Cuts the Circle c1943
Composition with Pouring II 1943
White Light 1954
The Key 1946
The Water Bull c1946
The Flame c1934-38
Man Bull Bird c1938-41
Head c1938-41
Burning Landscape 1943
The Mad Moon Woman 1941
The She Wolf 1943
Totem Lesson I 1944
Composition with Woman c1938-41
Masqued Image c1938-41
Bird 1941
Orange Head c1938-41
Portrait of H M 1945
Shimmering Substance 1946
Galaxy 1947
Reflection of the Big Dipper 1947
The White Angel c1946
Number IA 1948
Out of the Web Number 7 1949
Scent c1955
Greyed Rainbow 1953
Blue Poles
Untitled 1946
Masqued Image 1938
Mural 1943
Untitled No 14
No 10 Convergence
No 10 Convergence
Special Commission P1013

Joan Miro
Ladders Cross the Blue Sky 1953
Still Life with Old Shoes 1937
Portrait of Mrs Mills 1929
Joan Miro Self Portrait 1917
Prades the Village 1917
Ciurana the Path 1917
North-South 1917
Standing Nude 1921
Nude with Mirror 1919
The Carbide Lamp 1922
The Farmers Wife 1922
The Ear of Corn 1922
Landscape 1924
Calculation 1925
Catalan Landscape The Hunter 1923
Siesta 1925
Bathing Women 1925
Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird 1926
Dog Barking at the Moon 1926
Landscape The Hare 1927
Dutch Interior 1 1928
Dutch Interior II 1928
Queen Louisa of Prussia 1929
Painting 1933
Woman in Front of the Sun 1950
Catalan Peasant in the Moonlight 1968
The Larks Wing 1967
Harlequin's Carnival 1924
Blue II
Joan Miro Prades, the Village 1917
Frustrated Cat
Woman in the Sun 2
Photo- that is the colour of my Dreams 1925
The Farm
Constellation Awakening at Dawn 1941
Portrait 1938 Retrato

Kasimir Malevich
House with green roof
Morning in the village
Suprematism Composition


Marc Chagall

Mark Rothko

Pablo Picasso

Paul Klee

Pin Ups

Salvador Dali

Tamara de Lempicka

Wassily Kandinsky

Willem De Kooning

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